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International Plant Contest

AquaTouch Amazonas
Amazonas Magazine
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AquaTouch Red Sea

AquaTouch Red Sea

AquaTouch Red Sea

AquaTouch joins an international research team to study xeniid octocorals in the Northern Red Sea 2011

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What Industry Professionals are saying about AquaTouch:

Bob Fenner
Author, Lecturer, Aquatics Professional,
Developer of Wet Web Media

"It has been my great pleasure to know Michael Janes and AquaTouch in Phoenix over several years. To me, Michael and AquaTouch embody what is, can, and even should be standard practices in our industry / trade. Their shop has always been "neat and clean", well stocked, and excellently staffed whenever I have visited. They practice strict isolation/quarantine of all incoming marine livestock, formerly on-site, and now at a separate facility, ensuring its rest and health before offering it to their customers. Furthermore, I applaud Michael and his teams ongoing efforts at researching, and determining root disease / causes of aquatic maladies. On visiting, you may note their microscopes and lab area. It is my sincere wish that all earnest Local Fish Stores (LFS’s) would adopt AquaTouch's practices.”


Koji Wada, Owner
Blue Harbor Aquarium Factory
Osaka, Japan

Koji Wada at AquaTouch  Koji Wada at AquaTouch

“I come to visit Michael and the staff of AquaTouch for one weekend in December. They are very generous and show me many things. I am very impressed by their quarantine and conditioning process; their fish prices are cheep for the USA market for this level of quality. I see their laboratory and work on soft coral research, we do not have this in Japan and can learn many things from them. The staff is very knowledgeable and work hard to study in their areas of expertise. I enjoy this visit very much, thank you. ”
       See more of Blue Harbor's visit HERE


George Lo, Owner
Aqua Forest Aquarium
San Francisco, California

“It was a great experience and honor to have visited and demonstrated at your store and thank you for your warm hospitality. It was an eye opening experience for us to see your research and quarantine facility and knowing a store that put such extensive efforts into providing good quality live stock. Your customers are lucky to have you!”

     ... Read more testimonials HERE


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